To be an outsanding company in water treatment industry with delighting of customers, employees & all communities in which we work.


Provide high standard, high quality & most voluable innovative solutions with make deep positive contributions to customers, society & nature.

Sunmade is...

Sunmade is well established company specializing in the importing & distributing high quality water purification products. From the beginning we have been introducing wide range of water purification equipments with advance technology & we have qualified technicians to provide best service for you. The company is founded on an ethos of continuous improvement & development of the both our technology & systems. Throughout our history we have consistently brought new & innovative water filtration systems to the all sectors in sri lanka.


Sunmade Water System is very firendly and Helpfull

I contacted Sunmade through phone first and I realized how reliable services could be obtain from them. I have purchased several products and services of them and I'm quite satisfy with Sunmade. I would like to recomond Sunmade Water System in Sri Lanka to any person. Thanks Sunmade !

Ravi De Vos, Trikniting Company, Colomb 04 , Sri Lanka.